under anesthesia

I think that throughout the 21 years that I’ve been alive I had very few moments when I completely blocked out. There are things I don’t remember of course, not because I passed out in those moments but because my brain can’t grasp everything it lived through.

There was, however, that time, somewhere between grade six and eight, when someone kicked a ball right to where my head was and I passed out. To this day, I only know this story of my life, I don’t remember it.  I’ve heard it a million times, just like I’ve heard other stories of my childhood a million times and either I never remember them or I think I remember it – it seems like a memory, but in reality I know it isn’t quite right, I feel like it’s probably someone else’s memory, not mine.

It’s not only that I’m afraid I’ll someday get amnesia… I guess it’s also because I’m just afraid I forgot a lot of stuff from my past not because of someone hitting me on my head, but because I didn’t enjoy and savour those moments enough. And because of this I want to write down another story, a more recent one, where I lost consciousness:

Last Autumn I had a surgical emergency and obviously was knocked out. That was the first time in my life and it scared me. I haven’t talked about this bit a lot because it truly scared the hell out of me! One minute I was there, the other I was gone. I was really nervous, and it might have been the nervousness of having to go through a surgical procedure,  or it might have been the absolute fear of having my body failing to function as it should have, either way all I know is when I started to wake up, I didn’t remember anything that happened before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to know or remember how it felt to have surgery. What scares me is that my brain seemed to be shutdown during that period… It’s like I was dead somehow.

I didn’t want this to seem so dramatic, it wasn’t that bad and I know there are things far worse. Still it lingers with me, that fear of being oblivious as to where my brain was during that time. I also know there are scientific explanations to everything I just wrote, but that’s not the point, really. Why? Because I’m talking about that specific feeling, that I can’t shake off. It was one of the weirdest moments of my life.

The few stories I know where somehow I lost complete consciousness of what surrounded me make me very afraid indeed. The oblivion, the nothingness of those moments might scare me the most since they are constant reminders of the other something else I can’t shake off: that I live my life constantly under anesthesia.




now it’s official

So, I finally decided to start a blog…. Again.

So, I finally decided to start a blog…. Again. Let’s hope this one goes better than the ones I used to have. It probably won’t, but that’s okay.

I don’t really know what this blog will be about. I have so much trouble just choosing the genre of it, in that step where WordPress asks it. But hey, here it is. It isn’t much, but it’s a little bit of me.

This was supposed to be in my native language, Portuguese, but somehow I started writing in English. This was also supposed to be a place where I’d write down whatever I wanted without any editing, completely raw and with my natural confusion, and I guess I’ll manage that (one point for me!).

I don’t know what to expect of this, so I can’t really tell you what to expect of it either. I don’t know who you are, if there’s any “you” at all. Me? I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend of many; I’m a student of the third (and last) year of Archaeology at uni. But mostly, I’m a 21 year old, currently sitting at a cold attic-room, who has to write since she can’t fall asleep.

I won’t promise to write everyday, or every night, or every month, since I don’t know what I can really do. But I will write more – hopefully something more interesting than this first post.