help a chicken out

Most nights in this house I can hear
an owl
at my window.
The song calms me down.

But one night
the song didn’t come.
Instead, I heard a chicken crying
somewhere where it shouldn’t be.

The others answered her,
brothers and sisters
(or maybe just neighbors),
wanted to come to the rescue.

But the giant cage in which they rule
didn’t let them move
and so I fell asleep
wanting to help that chicken
find its own owl



(this is not made of metaphors, there is literally an owl outside and a chicken did call for help somewhere far away… Don’t worry though, it came back)


the one that got away

“the one that got away”…
That’s an expression
I’ve heard since I was a child.
Never truly understood it,
Until now.
Or have I?

Romantic at heart,
yet I don’t always accept love.
In fact, with open eyes and fighting tears,
I said “thank you” and hoped you could forgive me.
I watched your face as it faded into a million pieces,
With it, your heart.
And I said “what?”, “thank you”, “goodbye”.

My new best friend, shattered, just a piece of paper crumbled on the floor.
And I hope you can forgive me.
For I have been there too,
I know how the pain twists and burns inside you,
and I saw it in your eyes.
Or was it reflecting my own burning pain?

So we make amends and try
to be just like we were before.
My new best friend!
Until voices gather around us, screaming “lovers”…
And I say “what?”, “thank you”, “goodbye”,
turn my back on my new best friend,
broken, shattered, crumbling on the floor.

But forgiveness came, and with it new thoughts
and conversations about this frightening world,
and the deepness of the human mind,
of your mind.
Even with all the fights and arguments,
I realised that maybe, just maybe,
I could love you. Because love grew
Like a seed grows into a tree,
Or a…..

But love isn’t a metaphor.
Love isn’t a “could”
Love isn’t a “it would never work out”
And so… you never knew that I “could”.

When you said “goodbye”,
my face fade into a million pieces.
With it, my heart.
And with open eyes and fighting tears,
I said “thank you”, “goodbye”.

Romantic at heart,
There’s an expression I’ve heard
Since I was a child:
“the one that got away”.
Never truly understood it,
Until now.

Or have I?